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Business Class

A step up from economy class, business class is the highest class offered by some airlines. Started by Qantas, business class generally has better service, with a higher staff to passenger ratio. Often divided from economy class by a curtain, business class differs primarily in three areas: price, seating, and service. As far as price is concerned, business class is generally anywhere from two to four times more expensive than economy, although this can of course vary depending on the airline and time of booking. If seats are available, passengers are often allowed to upgrade their ticket from economy to business class when checking in at the airport, for a fee. Another way to upgrade to business class is to use miles earned from a loyalty card.

The seating in business class is generally considered to be substantially better than that in economy. Most business class seats provide two to three more inches of seat room, and double the leg room of an economy class seat. Additionally, Browserspiele business class seats recline further, some even completely recline into a flat bed surface. Most seats also have electronic controls to adjust the angle of recline, or to change the angle of leg rest.

Service is the main difference between business and economy class. Business class generally has a larger personal television with more viewing options, amenity kits which include flight socks and eye masks, and a power port for a laptop, although some require adapters. Additionally, business class has better food and wine service which is offered even on shorter flights. Food in business class is usually served on plates rather than plastic trays, as in economy class, and the quality of the food is better. Also, most business classes offer free alcoholic beverages, which many economy classes do not.